War Room video repost: President Trump Set To Unveil The Secrets Of The Universe

My comments:

– There has been an enormous amount of US tax payers money vanishing into shadow programs for years now:

– 2.3 trillion USD announced by Dick Cheney just before 9-11

6.5 trillion USD announced in 2017

– up until 21 trillion USD very recently.

– It seems that the US shadow government has been retrieving ET space ships crashes since at least the 50’s and reverse engineering very advanced exotic technologies from them.

– Life-changing technologies and science such as free energy, tesla technology, healing technology, anti-aging technology you name it, have been suppressed deliberately by the shadow government to prevent the liberation of Humanity but now in 2018, since we are in the Aquarius age, the negative Forces have been defeated and we will see a new Renaissance for Humanity.